Export blogs

E-Mondo Export blogs

We have created this unique product to help you attract overseas customers to your website on a budget.

Export blogs – The concept

Visitors from overseas visit blogs generated in their languages to find useful information and advice in the field of their interest. Your Export Blog will contain your branding elements and links to your home page. There are two significant benefits:
• Your offer reaches more overseas customers
• The company gradually gains the position of the international expert in its field.

How we do this? Export blogs in 4 steps

Step 1: Strategic domain

The properly selected Internet domain helps to achieve a higher ranking on the Internet and build trust in the local market. We select the domain for your blog after a careful research conducted by our local native-speaking experts. As part of this process we will also examine Google stats on the most relevant search queries. We will also check your direct competitors operating within the selected market.
As a result, you get the domain name, which will give you a higher position in Google, build trust among prospective customers and be highly relevant to offer.

Step 2: Localized content

Articles posted on the blog will be based on carefully selected phrases and keywords. Phrases are always closely related to your offer and used by clients in the selected market. Every article will include its cultural context.

Step 3: Valuable content

Remember, prospective customers visit your blog in search of relevant, unique and high quality content. Your blog articles are created by native speakers in collaboration with experts who have a working knowledge of the industry. We build your position by providing foreign clients with desired content. You decide on the scope of the content of the blog and the direction of its development.
What we offer to your prospective customers is the pure practical knowledge. Through the blog, they can reach your company’s homepage, where they can make a purchase, request a quote or subscribe to a newsletter.

Step 4: Track your ROI

The success of the blog is measured by the number of visits to your company’s page through the blog and generated completion of one of the predefined goals:
• The purchase
• Request of a quote
• Telephone call
The right solution for your company?
If your company:
• Plans to enter a foreign market
• Would like to receive direct feedback from prospective customers
• Would like to build the position of an expert within a selected market

And do it all on a budget – Export Blog is the option for you.

Interested? Contact us today to learn more about E-Mondo Export Blogs. Email info@berryfish.com or call 780-976-7434