Local business internet marketing services

Local business advertising

Every day hundreds of your potential customers are browsing the Web with the aim of buying local products or using local services. Have you ever wondered how you can help them learn about your business? Google local business advertising can help generate you more business by means of location-specific campaigns.

Internet marketing for local businesses

We offer the services that range from designing your Google-friendly website on a budget to placing a targeted on-line ads in front of your local consumers. Allowing your message to reach considerably more people than traditional advertising media at a fraction of the cost, may significantly boost your business.

Key Facts

  • 43 percent of total Google search queries are local
  • 85 percent of people look for local information on their smartphone
  • 13 percent look for local information daily
  • 81 percent take action as a result
  • 37 percent use smartphones to look at local restaurants, pubs and bars

Are on-line ads better than the traditional printed ones?

Traditional printed media will always have its place, but they won’t tell you how many people saw your advert, when they saw it, where they are from and most importantly – how much it costs you to secure one purchase through advertisement.

Once printed, paper ads are difficult to change. You are not able to pause them when you go for a short break or amend them when your business takes on a new direction.

How is the on-line advertising different from the printed ads?

  • Direct response – Local customers will be able to find your business right at the very moment they search for it, so you are there for them precisely when they need you.
  • Pay per click – You pay only when a potential customer actually clicks on your ad and visits your website. You will not be charged for displaying your ads in Google or Yahoo.
  • Geo-localisation – You can target prospective customers around your business addresses and decide precisely when to display your ads. You can narrow the display of your ads to specific geographical areas such as by borough, city, county, or even a mile radius around a post code.
  • Timing – You can start to display your ads in a matter of hours, rather than days. You decide at what time your customers will see your ads. So if your business operates at specific hours, Google can match the same times to display your ad.
  • Stay in control – You can pause your ads at any time. There is no minimum spend commitment either.
  • Know your ROI – You will know how much it costs you to get one quote through Google ads and will be able to calculate your Return on Investment.
  • Location extensions – Google will show your business address and a map marker with your ad text.
  • Get more phone calls – You will encourage calls to your business by showing a phone number with your ad. Google displays a clickable call button with your ad.
  • Reach the right people – You can even decide if you wish to categorize your consumer groups by behaviours ( users of particular web sites, blogs)
  • Environmentally wise – no paper, less damage to the environment

On-line presence and advertising builds awareness for your business in your local area.

Whatever your line of business, people in your area do want to learn about it.  Having an easy-to-navigate and relevant website is the first crucial step to mark your presence on the market. Making sure that your message gets through to the right people is the second most important factor that will enhance your business. Thanks to Google Ads we display your advertisement to the relevant audience and desired consumer groups.

Optimization of your ad campaigns directs your budget only towards these people and sites that are most likely to generate new customers, making your advertising commercially valid.

Finally, our expertise and experience is your advantage. We have proven track record of supporting local businesses in UK and Ireland. So even if you are new to the on-line activity we offer you free advice and support at every step. Remember, we track all the activities of your campaigns and we are able to prove the results of our work for you.

Help local customers to learn about your business and contact us today. Email info@berryfish.com or call 780-976-7434